Stories and experiences of volunteers: The power to help

  Volunteers play a key role in the operation of nonprofit organizations like Pump It For Preemies. They each bring their unique experiences and stories that can inspire others to take action. In this article, I will share some of the stories of volunteers who have contributed to the organization's success.

   Story 1: Anna, a volunteer at the event

  Anna is a mother of two who first encountered Pump It For Preemies when her youngest daughter was born earlier than planned. After spending months in the hospital, Anna decided to volunteer her time at one of Pump It For Preemies' events. Anna's knowledge and experience as a mother of a premature baby was an invaluable asset to the volunteer team. "It was a very rewarding experience," she said, "I was able to help other parents who are going through what I went through.

   Story 2: Thomas, fundraising volunteer

  Tomasz is an ambitious student who wanted to gain experience in fundraising. He decided to volunteer at Pump It For Preemies, where he could use his skills and help the organization with fundraising. "It was a great chance to gain practical experience," said Thomas. - It helped me understand how a nonprofit works and the role of fundraising in such an organization."

   Experience: Emotional reward

  Many volunteers stress that their work was not only rewarding, but also gave them a sense of fulfillment. "Often what you do as a volunteer has a direct impact on other people's lives," - says Karolina, a social media volunteer. "This is really important and gives you a sense that your work matters."


  The stories and experiences of Pump It For Preemies volunteers are proof of how important their work is. For both the organization and themselves, volunteering is a chance to contribute to positive change, gain valuable experience and create lasting bonds. Whatever their reasons or role, every volunteer is invaluable and a key part of an organization's success.


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