How it looks

   Our Dance Events

   The lights, the camera, the action!

  Our dance events are not just ordinary events, they are unique experiences! We prepare for you a unique performance full of joy, energy and authentic passion.


  From the moment you cross the threshold of our event, you will feel a magical atmosphere. Subtle lights create an atmospheric atmosphere, and selected music makes your legs start moving to the rhythm by themselves. There is an atmosphere of mutual respect, openness and genuine joy among the participants.


  All of our DJs are carefully selected and precisely prepared to deliver the best rhythms that will move you to dance. We offer a wide range of musical genres - from energetic salsa, to mesmerizing tango, to fiery flamenco rhythms.


  We often offer dance workshops at our events, led by experienced instructors. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced dancer, there is always something for you.

   Charity activity

  The most important element of each of our events is its purpose. Every ticket sold, every step on the dance floor, translates into support for newborn babies. During the event, we let guests know how their participation contributes to helping the little ones.


  Our dance parties are held in a variety of venues - from luxurious ballrooms, to spacious clubs, to open outdoor spaces. Each gathering is a different atmosphere, different music, different experience - but always the same goal.

  Pump It For Preemies - together we dance, together we help.

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