About us

 Join us and be part of this inspiring mission. Dance, celebrate and help! Together we can do more. Pump it for Preemies - because it's worth dancing for those who need it most.

 It doesn't matter if you are an experienced dancer or just like to have fun on the dance floor - everyone is welcome with us. We are convinced that together we can do more for these little warriors who fight for every breath.

 We organize dance events, the proceeds of which go towards the purchase of respirators for newborns. We believe that dance is a universal language that connects people and mobilizes people to action. It is a way for us to convey an equally universal value - the desire to help.

 Our mission was born out of the realization of how many newborns around the world are in need of help, especially medical equipment such as ventilators. We decided to combine our love of dance with our desire to help, and so the Pump it for Preemies project was born.

 Welcome to Pump it for Preemies - a space where passion for dance is combined with a desire to help. We are a group of enthusiasts, dancers and philanthropists who believe that small gestures can make a big difference.

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